Want to know what to SAY & how to SAY it on Instagram?
So that you can ATTRACT the exact right customer!

  • Do you struggle with what to share on Instagram to  ATTRACT your ideal customers?
  •  Would you like to post consistently and have FUN doing it, while being your authentic self?
  • Do you feel uninspired, spend too much time and aren’t getting results?
  • I get it! I was overwhelmed and frustrated too. I didn’t know what to share on Instagram and even as a marketing gal, I had trouble crafting my own message.
  • But then I figured out a little secret; that helped me come up with engaging content that was authentic for me, fast!  I call this  My Content Closet framework. It made all the difference for me. It’s made sharing on social media fun and easy for me and my clients!.
  • This SIMPLE system is will help you organize your ideas so you can create a clear and consistent message authentic to your brand.
  • You can finally put an end to scattered messaging and deliver highly RELEVANT and super  DELICIOUS content to the people who are eager to buy from you.  

My name is Karla and I am here to help guide you through this process so that it can be easy and manageable for you. What have you got to lose?!

This Mini-Course is designed to give you tools and strategies
to get you into posting action immediately!

  • Content Closet Guide & Video Training

    Start with a framework for creating your unique voice, loaded with lots of examples to inspire you for sharing on Instagram. Your Content Closet will become a place of inspiration, variety and possibilities!

  • Content Closet Maximizer

    This Template provides even more Content Suggestions. This is like using accessories to make your content even more versatile.

  • Call to Action Checklist

    Get more engagement on your posts with this checklist to help you to craft effective Calls to Action for your posts so that your customers know what action to take.

  • Planning Your Posts Worksheets & Video Training

    Learn posting strategies to be intentional with what you share. I will guide you through knowing the purpose of your post and the elements of an Instagram post , so you don’t forget anything important.

  • BONUS 1 - Visual Style Training

    Make your posts POP and get the attention they deserve! This works hand in hand with the Content Closet Training, helping you dial-in your unique visual style on Instagram. This creates a consistent look and feel to your posts so that they are recognizable to your customers. Your visual style reinforces your messaging to be congruent with your business personality.

  • BONUS 2 - Planoly Planning Guide

    Save time by pre-scheduling your posts by learning how to use a free tool to upload your images and captions and schedule them for Instagram, freeing up time each day while you plan your posts to maximize your visual style and messaging.

Meet your Instructor

Hi, I'm Karla. I was completely overwhelmed AND frustrated by social media back in 2009. What I didn’t like was how slimy and disingenuous posts were. I didn’t want to BE on social media if it meant doing it like that.

As a marketing gal, I have made it my mission to DO social media differently – to be inclusive, inviting, AND authentic. And that’s what I teach my clients to do too so that their message reflects their business and personality to resonate with their ideal customers.

If you had seen me when I first embraced social media, it would be hard to believe that I would ever be the one to teach others how to use social media to attract their customers . I think that’s why my clients like working with me. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed, confused and frustrated by social media.

And that is why I want to help you have clarity to use strategies and tools so you can share YOUR message with your ideal customers with ease. You are here for a reason, let’s get you amplifying your message so your customers find you!

Karla Erovick

Social Media Maven

Meet your Instructor

What you will learn:

This Mini-Course is designed to give you tools and strategies to get you into posting action immediately.

  • WHAT to share and HOW to share it with a simple, easy-to-follow guide and video training..

  • How to create YOUR AUTHENTIC content strategy with this Content Closet Guide.

  • To Share messaging that is relevant and valuable for your audience.

  • To have fun on Instagram posting consistently with lots of ideas of what to share.

  • How to spark engagement, so that your posts get response AND more reach.

  • Connect with your ideal customers so that you can have the conversations that lead to sales.

  • Grow your online community, one post at a time.

  • Be the known-for person in your niche.

What others are saying about the Content Closet Training

“Before this training, I didn't know what to share so most of the time I just avoided posting. After learning Karla's Content Closet, I now sit down every week and plan and pre-schedule my five juiciest posts. The best part is, I really enjoy it! ”


Business Success Coach

“One of the biggest struggles with staying consistent on social media is figuring out what to post. Karla's content closet strategy has helped me to talk about all the things related to my business. Now I have a week or two planned out in advance. My followers are engaging more often and new followers are finding me. Karla's strategies make social media easy and fun! ”


Legacy Images

“"I utilize the content closet to keep my posts fresh, up to date, and have content handy when I am in need of something to refer back to. Keeping content consistent, yet different every day, helps my audience stay engaged with what's happening at Varnum and feel like a part of our story.”


Varnum Vintners

“Working wth Karla and learning the Content Closet has been a game-changer for me. I now have so much variety for my posts, and I am now organized, have more followers and engagement. Karla is brilliant at guiding her clients, helping them stay focused and out of overwhelm. ”


Body Mind Detox

“Learning about the Content Closet is a game-changer for us at The Conversation Community. We are able to develop clear and consistent content for our audience. Our team is new to IG and we very much appreciate Karla's expertise and attention.”


The Conversation Community

What YOU Get!

My Content Closet is designed to make it EASY and MANAGEABLE to know WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT on Instagram! 

 Short Video Trainings introduce each module and walk you through HOW to create YOUR Content Closet and Posting Plan.

Instagram is visual that's why I've included a BONUS on Visual Style so that you can create a Visual Style that is consistent with YOUR brand combined with Content that will appeal to your Customers.

And making it easier to implement is always my goal for you, so you have access to my PLanoly Planning Guide BONUS.

Strategies & Tools so you know what to share on Instagram!

No more wondering WHAT to share or HOW to share on Instagram.

You will finally have a STRATEGY rather than being random and not seeing results.

This online Mini-Training is a go-at-your-own-pace with pre-recorded training modules and learning materials to create YOUR Content Closet roadmap.

You can have clarity and ease knowing what to say

With this Content Closet Training

I’m excited for you to have EASE in crafting your content on Instagram with a Content Closet that reflects YOUR brand & business – that makes it easy for you to be CONSISTENT posting on Instagram.

You will always know what to SAY!

Don’t waste any more time in frustration of not being productive on Instagram. You have a valuable message to share with people who need what you offer.

I can't wait to have you in the class!